Areas of application

Areas of application

Both Econanosil Eco 1 and Eco 2 allow for roof covering applications, by enhancing heat and cold insulation, on indoor and outdoor walls of any kind of building, both new and existing.

Free-standing homes

Shopping Centers

Terraced Houses

Hotel, Resorts and Accomodation

Industrial buildings

Residential complexes

Eco 1 is particularly suitable for insulating specific surfaces of buildings, as well as obtaining correct thermal bridges.


Window Thresholds



Beams and pillars in reinforced concrete

It is also the best solution to avoid altering the aesthetic appearance of potentially energy-saving buildings, such as:

Historic buildings

Fair faced bricks

Eco 6 with vapor barrier is particularly suitable for roofing insulation. It can also be used on vertical surfaces when applied in cavities.




copertura legno

Wood roofing


Pitched roofs

Technicae Progressum

Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability Thermal insulation

After putting all our efforts into energy insulation for Nanotechnologies, we came out with the Econanosil line, a range of innovative products aimed at increasing indoor comfort while protecting the environment. A nanometer is in fact a unit of measurement of length, corresponding to one billionth of a meter (equivalent to one millionth of a millimeter). For example, the average ant is about 5,000,000 nanometers in size and the diameter of a hair is around 100,000 nanometers.
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Energy insulation for Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnology deals with interventions on matter at the atomic and molecular level and on all types of techniques that operate on a scale lower than a micrometer.