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Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability Thermal insulation

After putting all our efforts into energy insulation for Nanotechnologies, we came out with the Econanosil line, a range of innovative products aimed at increasing indoor comfort while protecting the environment. A nanometer is in fact a unit of measurement of length, corresponding to one billionth of a meter (equivalent to one millionth of a millimeter). For example, the average ant is about 5,000,000 nanometers in size and the diameter of a hair is around 100,000 nanometers.
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Energy insulation for Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnology deals with interventions on matter at the atomic and molecular level and on all types of techniques that operate on a scale lower than a micrometer.

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Prima e Dopo: aumento del comfort abitativo

Quando viene utilizzato Econanosil Eco2, il ripristino dell’intonaco gravemente ammalorato è un’operazione facile e veloce, perfezionata con una finitura colorata ad intonachino, per un comprovato aumento del comfort abitativo.

Technicae Progressum won the Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability Thermal Insulation award!

The reasons that led the association Le Fonti to award us the title of Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability Thermal Insulation are the following:
  • To be an excellence in the energy insulation sector for nanotechnologies.
  • To operate in compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability, offering quality and innovative products. In particular, for the Econanosil product line, innovative solutions for building roofing designed to increase living comfort.