The evolution of nanotechnology

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The basic unit of nature at the nano-scale provides a common scientific ground for the creation of knowledge, innovation and technology integration.
At scales from 1 to 100 nanometers (nano-scales), the union of atoms and molecules organized into nanomodules (the so-called nanostructures) generally produces a series of well-defined properties and functions for all materials and living organisms.
Nano-scale phenomena have been playing a key role in the evolution of the universe and life for billions of years, but our interest in developing measurements as well as a basic understanding of the nano-scale foundations is only recent.

Knowledge reflected by nanoscience research papers and nanotechnology patents is estimated to grow by two orders of magnitude from 2000 to 2020.

Such fast growth will change our understanding of nature and revolutionize productivity, healthcare, our perception of the world and communication media. Such growth will lead to other innovative technologies and social changes oriented towards the improvement of quality of life and sustainable development.

At the same time, changes to infrastructure, the education system and worker training will be deemed necessary. This will change politics, culture and even human potential.

Mihail Roco
Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology,
National Science Foundation, Virginia, USA

Exctract from
8th World Conference on the Future of Science
Nanoscience society
Venice, September 16th-18th 2012

Technicae Progressum

Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability Thermal insulation

After putting all our efforts into energy insulation for Nanotechnologies, we came out with the Econanosil line, a range of innovative products aimed at increasing indoor comfort while protecting the environment. A nanometer is in fact a unit of measurement of length, corresponding to one billionth of a meter (equivalent to one millionth of a millimeter). For example, the average ant is about 5,000,000 nanometers in size and the diameter of a hair is around 100,000 nanometers.
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Energy insulation for Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnology deals with interventions on matter at the atomic and molecular level and on all types of techniques that operate on a scale lower than a micrometer.