Eco 6 Super Panel


Econanosil Eco 6 Super Panel is an efficient solution for thermal insulation of cavities in both indoor and outdoor vertical/horizontal surfaces for public and commercial buildings.

This is a unique patented nanocomposite product delivering ultra-high performance that can dramatically reduce heat loss through insulation of all treated surfaces. A worldwide exclusive delivering ultra-high performance.

An extremely thin protective barrier that can be applied on any kind of support, whenever thermal insulation is required at minimal thickness.

ETHERMAL EFFICIENCY 12 mm, corresponding to 210 mm of mineral wool.

Products are certified according to applicable UNI EN standards for Italy and Europe.

Application of Econanosil Eco6 Nanocomposite thermal insulation panels, laid on walls or attics with polyurethane foam glue, for a thickness of 1 cm. After the laying phase, please proceed to the finishing phase by leaving panels in cavities or adhesive bituminous subsheaths.

Application of thermal insulation panels

The method entails gluing thermal insulation panels with polyurethane foam glue. The final protection of the new surfaces will be performed through the application of plasterboard panels, blocks and bituminous sheaths. The panels should be perfectly fitted in order to avoid joints, which may lead to the creation of thermal bridges. The panels will be glued onto the support from the bottom towards the top with staggered joints and interlocking edges. Lay the base profile to the perimeter, fixed using expansion anchors which allow for alignment and containment of the insulating system. Avoid cuts and fixing with anchors.
Econanosil Eco 6 Super Panel coats cavities in both indoor and outdoor vertical surfaces in the building envelope, ceilings, insulation of roofs, whenever thermal insulation is required at minimal thickness, thus avoiding excessive building and guttering work.
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