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With the introduction of this new scientific discipline, a new world on a microscopic level was created, paving the way for a plethora of new possibilities for our future on this planet. Nanotechnology is applied to a wide range of research areas including: Molecular biology, Chemistry, Materials science, Physics and Mechanical, Chemical and Electronic engineering. Through its multidisciplinary application, two main approaches are followed: • Bottom-up approach: Materials and devices are made from molecular components which self-assemble through chemical bonds. • Top-down approach: Devices are made from macroscopic materials through miniaturization processes at the atomic level. For our field of interest, nanotechnological products for thermal insulation, we will consider the bottom-up approach since our starting point is a patented molecule known for its extremely low thermal conductivity values. The final results are nanocomposites characterized by exceptional performance thanks to the extraordinary combination of the nanomolecule’s insulating capacity with other specific components, which make the products unique and exclusive. For this reason, our company has always been committed to researching and developing innovative materials, after embracing Ecoinnovation’s philosophy, which the European Union (UE-2011) defines as: “any form of innovation reducing negative impacts on the environment, increasing resistance to environmental pressures and allowing a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources”.
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Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability Thermal insulation

After putting all our efforts into energy insulation for Nanotechnologies, we came out with the Econanosil line, a range of innovative products aimed at increasing indoor comfort while protecting the environment. A nanometer is in fact a unit of measurement of length, corresponding to one billionth of a meter (equivalent to one millionth of a millimeter). For example, the average ant is about 5,000,000 nanometers in size and the diameter of a hair is around 100,000 nanometers.
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Energy insulation for Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnology deals with interventions on matter at the atomic and molecular level and on all types of techniques that operate on a scale lower than a micrometer.