Eco 1 Resin


Econanosil Eco 1 Resin is a patented nanocomposite product, designed to allow for efficient thermal insulation of both indoor and outdoor vertical walls (e.g. perimeter walls, ceilings, attics, balconies, concrete structures, etc.) of both public and commercial buildings.

Exclusive solution delivering ultra-high performance:
The exceptional insulating capacity of the patented nanomolecule, known for its world’s lowest thermal conductivity values, is combined with a colored surface covering to maximize both physical and aesthetic properties.

An extremely thin – but still tough – protective barrier increases thermal resistance through insulation of all treated surfaces and makes them particularly resistant to condensation, protecting them from any kind of mold or fungus.

In addition to reducing the formation of thermal bridges, its composition creates a breathable protection which is applicable on any kind of support and to every area of your home.

Econanosil Resin is an intelligent and ecological choice that helps save on heating and cooling bills. Econanosil Resin is the best solution whenever thermal insulation is required at minimal thickness.

Products are certified according to applicable UNI EN standards for Italy and Europe.

The application of Econanosil Eco1 Nanocomposite insulating liquid in three coats creates a thin yet tough barrier to the passage of heat, ensuring protection from mold and fungus, efficient UV protection and remarkable resistance to fire and chemicals. View of the product during usage: transparent with translucent finish.

An exceptional product for thermal insulation of walls

The method entails the application of the first coat by brush, roller or Airless sprayer. After 2 hours, a second coat should be applied, then a third one. 3 coats are recommended. After applying Econanosil Eco1, surfaces should be protected from the elements for at least 48 hours. Final decoration and protection of the new surfaces will be performed through the application of colored breathable paints. The support should be dry and clear of any impurities before proceeding. A coat of fixing primer is thus recommended. Carefully mix the product before application.
Econanosil coats fair faced surfaces, thermal bridges, insulates beams and pillars made of reinforced concrete, windows parapets, overhangs, Greek frets, frames, stuccoes and decorations, anywhere that requires extremely fine thermal insulation without changing the aesthetic appearance. Products are certified according to applicable UNI EN standards for Italy and Europe.
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